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Support and Repeat.

What you visualize and conceptualize we can help you realize!


Deploy. Support
and Repeat.

What you visualize and conceptualize
we can help you realize!

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What we do

Whether its web-design, app development, custom software design or IT consulting, JV Marketing Technologies can help.

Our clients describe us as a product team that creates amazing UI/UX experiences, by crafting top-notch user experiences and excellent back end management tools.

Android App Development

Using the latest Java applications, Android Studio and other applications, we provide you with the best Android applications available.

Software development

We are proficient when it comes to software development. Many of our back-end platforms are developed in PHP with SQL database backends. These CMS tools are used to monitor and manage the use of mobile apps as they are used in real-time to give effective and accurate information and reporting to mobile app owners so that they can make decisions in regards to how the mobile application can provide their desired effects.

iOS App Development

We have years of experience with developing iOS applications for Apple devices using Objective - C and Swift C.

Website Development

Website development has evolved and JVMT has evolved with it. Building responsive SEO ready websites is what we do. Using Angular, WordPress and HTML development strategies, let us design a custom website for you.


Brand strategy.


Our most recent
digital and strategy


We develop using
the Scrum Agile methodology.

Website & Mobile Development
Mobile App Development

Ever wonder why the world is constantly changing around us? This is happening because of the digital age and recently we have witnessed the era of mobile app development and its rapid growth.

  • iPhone/iPad App Development
  • Android App Development

Mobile App Development Planning

Our website experts have extensive experience and will create an impressive look for your business website.

  • Customised
  • Responsive
  • Effective
  • Uniqueness

Joint Ventures for software development

99.99% of mobile apps will fail.  This has been true since 2014 according to Gartner Group, an organization that “delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams” to enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s mission-critical priorities.  It’s this data that caused us to develop a more ethical approach to helping app creators and visionaries bring their ideas to fruition in a low cost, high impact solution.  The MAPP™ Program has proven itself to be the best solution to helping app creators develop the groundwork for adding planning and structure to their inventions before they pay for 1 line of code.  This solution is virtually unprecedented in the mobile app development cycle and serves to reduce the large financial and time costs necessary with a large scale mobile development program.  What we found, is that simply development software for a client, without informing them of the failure rate in our industry, was unethical and only served to line the pockets of developers.


Our clients describe us as a product team that creates amazing UI/UX, assists with product enhancements and successfully rolls out new ideas for their users by crafting top-notch user experience.

Working hours
were spent

We’ve structured our workflow processes in a way that our clients can easily follow and participate in the development of their ideas.

Technologies we use...


We help you achieve
your goals.

``JV Marketing Technologies gave me the edge and funds necessary to create my Wrong Way Driver Alert System. Had it not been for their technological abilities and ability to help us fund the project, we would have never gotten this project off the ground. Our experience has been amazing, especially since we had never been involved with a project in technology before.``
Edwin Bridges

Founder, Highway Nation, Wrong Way Driver Alert System

Apply for MAPP™ Program and boost your business

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