Our First Product


We will invest in 85% of the cost do develop, host, maintain and market your app idea.  We take the risk with you.  We take an 49% stake in your company or app idea and when your and when your app  produces revenue or we help you find an investor, we receive the 85% from first proceeds.  This is why we only take 10 ideas per year and are very judicious in whom and what projects we work with.

Our Second Product


We develop your application in both Apple and Android and publish them for you to the App Store and Google Play Store.  We also create a WordPress website for the applications.  You also own the code so we provide it to you. They are developed on our development servers and then moved to our live servers when completed.

Our Third Product


Once hosted in the live environment, we maintain your applications on our servers. We monitor for malware and protect the application from intrusions.  We also host and maintain the website for the apps.  We upgrade the iOS, Android and WordPress software for you.  We have 24/7 support for bug fixes and for upgrades or malware and intrusion detection issues.

Our Fourth Product


We create a presence and marketing scheme customized to help you get multiple downloads of your mobile application.  It involves landing pages, SEO and ASO for example.  But it includes more than that.  We also develop your business plan/marketing plan and attempt to introduce you to investors that could be interested in your app.  We get our legal experts to help you with contracts and terms of service necessary before we publish the mobile applications.

Low cost of entry helps you enter the market with our investment strategy

Our assistance with helping you by investing in your idea, as far we know, is unheard of in our industry.  We make a diligent effort to only invest in those projects we believe can produce a major impact in the market.  This, we believe, will help many people to realize the dream of cashing in on the mobile app Gold Rush.

Our staff

You will find our staff friendly, attentive, alway willing to help and very knowledgable.   We strive to be as accommodating as possible when working on your project.

Next Steps...

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