These are some commonly asked question by clients and potential clients

Why do you only take 10 clients per calendar year?

At full staff, this is how many custom applications we can handle at the moment.  many of these projects take 6 to 18 months to bring to fruition.  We are very involved with each client and want to give them the best of our service.  They are part of a select group and deserve our full attention.

Is my consultation fee refundable

No. This fee covers more than the hour that we take with you to discuss your application and idea.  We take hours of our own time developing a mockup or prototype of how we believe your application will function.  From there we meet with you and then discuss any changes that are necessary to proceed.  Since we have already done the work, the fee is not refundable.  However, we do reduce your investment cost by $1500 so that this fee is used toward the development of your application should we both decide to move forward.

Can I stop the project once its started?

Yes you can but you probably shouldn't.  We have invested, time and money into your project and only realize full payment for our services when the apps is either invested in or produces enough revenue for it to pay us back.  If you stop the project it would be considered by us a breach of contract and we would then require you to pay us the full amount of the agreement and we would also ask for 100% ownership of the project.  No funds from you would be refunded.  Remember, we only take 10 projects per year at this point.